This week, I was challenged to find 10 examples of visual rhetoric in my every day life. I have gathered 10 images of rhetoric that I encountered, over the period of two days, in my everyday routine. These images are items that I see or interact with on regular basis without giving much thought to the intent and the rhetoric that lies beneath. These artifacts include magazine articles, advertisements, car interiors, and even clothing. I have compiled my visual journey of everyday rhetoric into a slideshow that offers 10 images and 10 revelations of what lies beneath some of our everyday encounters.

Many of my every-day encounters with visual rhetoric slip past me unnoticed. These encounters are television ads, webpages, food items, sets of instructions, recipes, and the list goes on. I compiled this slideshow from the rhetorical encounters that jumped out at me the most over a two-day period, but I have just scratched the surface of what lies beneath my everyday visual journey. Take the two day challenge and find out what lies beneath your daily routine.